When a person is presumptuous many problems can emerge as a result – especially when a person presumes something bad about someone based on flimsy evidence.

Presumptuous man

Being presumptuous is something that will be deeply personal to each individual.

Ways We Pre-Judge People

Being presumptuous about someone is something that will be deeply personal to each individual. It’s not always to do with prejudice against a specific group, but it can also be a feeling about a particular individual. If someone always seems to be in the pub they may be judged as having a drink problem, though in reality they just drink orange juice and like the social nature of visiting a pub regularly.

Many of us will jump to the wrong conclusion just through ignorance of all the facts. This can certainly happen with someone accused of a crime. If the accused look hard many will believe they were more likely to have committed the crime, compared to someone who has a more gentle appearance.

There will be instances where a young person is judged to be insolent to his or her elders, but this perceived insolence could be caused by the presumptuous nature of the elders in the first place. Parents may have a child who is well mannered and a model citizen in every way. But when the child starts wearing what the parents see as outrageous clothes they may become presumptuous about their child going off the rails. As this is not the case, the child may react in an impertinent way.

Our Beliefs Influence Our Presumptuous Nature

We all have different views on what are acceptable standards of behaviour and on what is an acceptable way to dress. Just as one person will think someone is cheeky another will think of them as rude. In the same way, how we are presumptuous about people is influenced by our beliefs.

Ignorance Of The Facts

A common way that a large number of the population can be presumptuous is when a specific group is judged – even though the population has had no interaction with that group. In the 1960s many of the older generation would have been wary of men with long hair. They would often have been deemed as hippies, and would be instantly thought of as drug users just because they had long hair. When a young, long haired man moved into an area he would be avoided by some, because of presumptuous people believing tabloid rumours about the promiscuous, drug-fuelled lifestyle of men with long hair. As long hair among men became more commonplace these beliefs began to subside. A presumptuous nature is often seen in bigoted beliefs, and any negativity about a particular group will then get magnified to strengthen a preconceived prejudice.

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